Mr. Rajinder Kumar


Mr. Rajinder Kumar is a Director of the Company. He has completed their Higher Secondary in 1974 after that he involved in construction activities with their Father Late Shri Chandu Lal and Grand Father Late Shri Angad Mal was also in the field of construction business so it is our Family business since long. He has experience of 42 Years in planning & execution of Corporate, Residential Projects, Hotels, Guest House having wide experience in the field of construction. He has good knowledge and experience in project management and handling labor at project site. He has given final finish of various prestigious projects in the last 42 years. He is handling the tough and difficult time bound projects which have made him more seasoned and a man with practical approach. His vision has not only enriched the company’s prospects and plans but has also taken the company to new heights.

Mr. Aniket Kumar

Managing Director

Mr. Aniket Kumar is a Managing Director of the Company. He has completed their graduation in 2004 after that he engaged in family business of construction. He is very energetic and having depth knowledge and experience of project management. He has delivered many projects in last 15 years with final finish and he also knows that how to manage labor at project site.

Mr. Shyam Yadav


Mr. Pankaj Kumar is a Finance Manager of the Company. He is the responsible for the company’s internal and external financial reporting. Internal financial reporting consists of such items as the financial statements, budget variance reports and job financial performance reports that management uses to monitor the company’s financial status. He ensures that the company has an appropriate system of internal controls. Internal controls can address risks in three areas: Financial reporting, Regulatory Compliance, Operations and he take care of all the legal matters and contracts and also monitor of all the inflow and outflow of the funds of the company.

Mr. Ratnesh Kumar

H.O.D Law

Mr. Ratnesh Kumar is the H.O.D Law of the Company and has completed graduation holding the qualification in C.S, M.COM, and B.COM and excels in the profession with the well experience of 15 years. He is well designated and known for his profession and has depth knowledge about the law formation. His excellent power consideration over the impactful outcome is merged up with more strength and capabilities to hold up the role and responsibilities towards the work and make it more attentive and grateful for the growth of our company.

Mr. Pankaj Kumar

Finance Manager

Mr. Pankaj Kumar is the Finance Manager of the company and has completed his graduation in the various field of LLB,M.COM, B.COM, CIA (DIP) leading with the experience of 12 years in finance marketing zone. He is responsible for the financial health of an organization for the productive financial reports, direct investment activities and develops strategies and plan for the long term financial goals of the organization. The excellence and capabilities of enrolling out the work is appropriate and towards the target oriented goals to accomplish and reach the highest possibilities to excel in the industry.